What is Monitiq?

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Monitiq has been built from the ground up, to monitor the next generation of in-memory data analytics and provides detailed intelligence behind an easy-to-use dashboard enabling super-fast root cause analysis in real-time.

Based in the cloud, Monitiq interprets and transforms OS agent’s data and pro-actively delivers alerts, reducing critical system failures to produce a unified IT environment.

SAP HANA Monitoring Key Features

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Providing infrastructure resiliency and high availability is Monitiq’s goal, helping you with key features such as:

  • Fusion IO health and lifespan;
  • Internal RAID status;
  • HANA Memory in use per environment;
  • Real-time alerting for your SAP HANA infrastructure;
  • Fully certified SAP HANA management service;
  • Multiple hardware solutions available.

For Technical Management

IT Management

Helping the Technical Manager with the technical aspects of designing, testing, operating and improving IT services, as well as enabling you to provide technical expertise and support for the management of the IT infrastructure.

  • Helps to design an optimised IT Landscape
  • Improve your IT by testing "what if" solutions.
  • Supports your IT Management

For IT Operations Management

IT Analysts

Monitiq enables the IT Operations Management to plan, implement and maintain a stable technical infrastructure and provide day-to-day management of critical systems to meet or exceed SLA's.

  • Provides high level capacity and performance metrics
  • Unified monitoring dashboard
  • Optimise new systems in production
  • Provide IT service reports on operational delivery

For the Service Desk

IT Support

Monitiq delivers on the service desks primary role to return ‘normal service’ to the users as soon as possible, often before it reaches a critical level. Easy analysis from Monitiq helps to get to the root cause quicker.

  • Proactive monitoring of mission critical IT systems
  • Unified dashboard view
  • Root cause analysis
  • Performance threshold alerting